Welcome to the Nudistcamp Sphynx Cattery, and thank you for your interest in our beautiful Sphynx kittens.  We strive to place our babies in permanent loving homes, where they are as cherished as they are in our home. 

Our Sphynx are bred for health, temperament, and exquisite type conforming to the official breed standards.  All of our Sphynx cats are dual registered with TICA and CFA, two of the largest registries of pedigreed cats.  Most of our breeding cats have been shown and obtained CHAMPION Status or above with at least one of these associations.  Our breeding cats are from excellent champion blood lines.  One of our Queens is from the TICA IW CAT OF THE YEAR from the 2005-2006 show season. She was also the TICA NW Region's BEST Sphynx Kitten for the 2007-2008 show season. 

We have many different colors of Sphynx kittens possible from our various breeding lines, including solids and bi-colors, points, minks, solid whites, and occasionally even the rare odd eyed Sphynx kitten.  Feel free to view our Kings and Queens pages for more information on our beautiful Sphynx cats.


All of our Sphynx cats that are used in our breeding program are scanned yearly for HCM.  All of our current breeding cats were scanned negative within the past 12 months.


Documentation is available upon request for all of the breeding cats.  All HCM scans were performed at the Washington State University Veterinary Hospital by a board certified cardiologist.


All of our cats have been DNA tested, to prevent any blood incompatibility issues, and for proper color determination.


Our current breeding cats carry a variety of traits including: minks, points, lynx points, odd eyes, dilutes, chocolates, solids, bicolors and vans. Although we are blessed to have such a wonderful variety of colors, our breeding program focuses on health, temperament and the continued advancement of the Sphynx breed.


Our kittens are raised in a child safe room with only their Mommy, and
of course lots of play things to allow them to develop and hone their
jumping and climbing skills until they have received both of their kitten vaccines.

After they are fully vaccinated then they are introduced to the other four legged members of our family.

NOTE: All of our kittens receive 2 doses of Eclipse 3-way feline vaccines.


For more information about our cats or available kittens email